However far I remember, I had the desire, when I was a child, to make "artistic" photos. My first camera was a rudimentary Kodak box without any settings (and what I fortunately kept).

I remember in particular one that I consider as one of the initiators of the guideline followed until today : it is a photo of the street where lived my grandparents. So I thought this photo was strongly going to highlight an impression of perspective and depth.

I was 21 when I bought my first camera "seriousness" (a Nikon FE, which I unfortunately lost).
My first exhibition takes place in the gallery Debaigts in Paris in November, 1994.
The second takes place in the Museum Vera in Saint Germain en Laye (78) in November, 1995, I expose therefor about forty cibachromes prints.

Then the city of Nanterre (92) welcomes a thematic exhibition, gone up with a friend, where my photos are associated with a text on the theme of the dream.
Finally, I expose in 2001 at the Salon des artistes français in Paris.

The purpose of this web site is, among others, to show my work to all the people who would be interested to expose my works or any other project. Do not hesitate to contact me.