Approach :

To those who want to know the underlying philosophy about my work, I would say that this section is useless.
Myself do not manage to encircle all of my photography. Only count photos, and even the short text of the homepage is of excess …
I am going, however, to speak about my approach and about my way of working.

At first I do not take a lot of photos. "The" photo has to come to me and it is only then that I press on the button, only if it is worth it. Any photo which would be taken while it "does not deserve" it causes a negative "karma" harmful to the coming of future "interesting" photos. On the contrary, I have not to be totally passive. Like a archer in search of "Zen" moment, I activate only in convenient place and moment.
During some of my travels, I am thus attentive to take with me my camera. I do not have then more than to remain susceptible and "connected" so as to welcome the photo.

At the beginning of my "serious" work in the 90s, I tried to conceptualize my photography. So, I called my photos "cohesions", to advance the fact that they were the result of a perfect conjunction of a moment and a place in my sensory and emotional progress of life.
Today, I have no doctrine. My "eye" is over my conception.
But maybe you will better know how to define my world ?